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It takes more than juggling liquor bottles and slinging drinks to qualify as a lead bartender. Lead bartenders, also known as head bartenders , must make sure the bar operation runs efficiently. Head bartender duties and responsibilities include keeping a watch on inventory, managing other bartenders and dealing with problem customers.

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Supervises, trains and monitors the performance of a team of subordinate beverage operations positions - Bartender, Assistant Bartender, Bar Server/ Waiter/ Waitress, Bar Utility

- Responsible for on-the-job day-to-day training of ship's Bar Staff covering all aspects of beverage service and makes sure that all beverage team members perform up to the standards of service set by the cruise line

- Works directly with the subordinate bar personnel and would assist both bartenders and bar servers/ waiters in various bars and beverage outlets throughout the cruise ship during peak hours

- Monitors work assignments, side jobs and days off for assigned bar staff

- Ensures that subordinate bar staff are well groomed and in proper uniform when reporting for duty

- Makes sure that all costs are minimized and within the limits set by the Bar Manager

- Ensures that the highest quality of spirits, beer and non-alchoholic baverages are offered to passengers a

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