A business strategy outlines the specific ways in which an organisation plans to position itself, achieve its short-term and long-term goals, and grow over a period of time. It draws on other important business resources, such as the organisation’s mission, its vision, and its values, to help chart its direction forward and deliver on its objectives.

A business strategy helps underpin an organisation’s other important strategies – for example, functional operational strategies – and helps staff, customers, investors, and other stakeholders better understand how it plans to achieve its goals.

A successful business strategy also ensures that an organisation – regardless of whether it’s a startup, a small business, or a global corporation– maintains a competitive advantage in its market. It’s there to help guide decision-making, particularly on matters such as business priorities, and resource allocation.

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This program will give you the tools and mindsets to design a winning strategy and ensure that strategy is actionable for your team and organization. In Designing Strategy, you’ll learn how to identify your strategic options and apply a customer-centric strategy process to help you make winning choices. In Activating Strategy, you’ll learn how to activate those choices by engaging stakeholders within your organization and building the shared understanding, alignment, and conditions teams need to deliver on strategy.

People across an organization make strategic choices every day. No matter where you sit in your organization, this program can help you ensure teams and individuals can move confidently from strategy to action.

Certificate Program Outcomes
Apply the Playing to Win strategy framework, a customer-centric method to create winning outcomes.
Enable others to take action on strategy by developing clear plans to assess, build, and mobilize your team's resources.
Translate strategy across functions and teams to achieve common goals and ensure the strategy is actionable and feasible.
Effectively organize, communicate, and activate strategy.
Help teams and individuals bring strategy to life through their everyday choices.

Strategy Innovation, Prototyping,Resource Assessment,and Skills 

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