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This is an accelerated program, designed to give students a solid foundation in 3D animation. Unlike traditional animation programs, we don’t spend extra time on theory. Instead, kick start your animation career with hands-on projects and real work experience with moyosmart institute

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Game Design

Would you like to see your code come to life? Do you want to understand the impact games have on players and society as a whole? Then you should study game development, which is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic professional fields.

A Certification in game design gives you the tools to work with the game medium on a professional level and equips you to develop new expressions within the field. Former graduates have started their own studios and work at some of the world’s best-known game companies, such as Kind, DICE, Toadman Interactive, Eat Create Sleep to name a few.

JavaScript is a very popular programming language that is used on nearly every website on the internet. Adding JavaScript to a web based application can bring to life animations and interactions that make browsing and playing games even better.

Coding Newbies

This program is designed to whet your appetite for learning to code and create your own games. If you are curious about how websites are built and want to try it first hand this program is a great platform to do so.

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