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Upon completing the program, you will have developed the skills and frameworks needed to gain an edge in digital marketing with artificial intelligence tools and battle-tested strategies that can stand the test of time in this rapidly changing landscape.

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OVERVIEW AND COURSE As digital transformation reshapes every industry and function, marketers everywhere are racing to implement performance-driven marketing strategies that leverage today’s most powerful digital technologies. Artificial intelligence is expected to have up to a $2.6 trillion business impact in sales and marketing alone. Will traditional, tried-and-true marketing methods be folded into this new era of performance marketing and AI, or will they become a thing of the past? Is your organization keeping up with the latest and greatest technology? Are you missing any potential areas for improvement? In this Diploma program, you will discover practical, innovative ways to apply machine learning and AI to the marketing function in order to enhance the customer journey, achieve data-driven decision making, and ultimately impact the success of your marketing initiatives. You will start by assessing your organization’s current marketing activities and create a plan to optimize them using the key concepts from AI and digital marketing to formulate a digital strategy. You will then be guided in creating your own digital marketing plans for both paid and owned media. In the final course, you’ll have the opportunity to create a performance marketing plan and identify ways to supercharge it using artificial intelligence and machine learning. KEY COURSE TAKEAWAYS Design a performance marketing strategy Identify opportunities to use AI to augment your marketing processes Prioritize and manage resources across both paid and owned media channels Assess the relevance of paid channels to addressing specific customer needs and marketing objectives
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