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The term ‘ubiquitous’ means being everywhere. The idea of ubiquitous computing talks about making computing facilities available everywhere and all the time. The concept looks beyond personal computer-like systems and involves the creation of smart devices (any devices like fridges, cars, etc.) and connecting them to make the communication and exchange of data more efficient. The underlying technologies to support ubiquitous computing include embedded computing devices (electronic chips), networks, and the Internet among other things. The ubiquitous computing paradigm is also known as pervasive computing. In comparison with desktop computing, interaction with the computing environment in ubiquitous computing can happen using any device having some computing capability of any form. Cloud computing further strengthens the idea of ubiquitous computing. Ubiquitous refers to the use of computing resources spread over geographic locations from any place and at any time

Pervasive or ubiquitous means ‘existing everywhere’.

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