To understand the security threats that cloud computing presents, it is important to understand

different areas of concern. Many among these threats are not new and were already there with

traditional computing environment. But cloud model has its own issue regarding security. The

security threat concerns in cloud computing can be categorized in following three sections:

Threats to Infrastructure: Application level, host level or network level infrastructure security

threats are no new issues introduced by cloud. The only difference to understand here is the

share of responsibilities that both provider and consumer have, to safeguard the system.

The threats to cloud computing infrastructure have to be studied from different perspective,

although almost all of these threats were present in any traditional distributed system also.

Virtualization protects the computing infrastructure of cloud to some extent but at the same

time it brings new sort of security complexity which should be handled very delicately.

Threats to Information: Apart from conventional threats to information, the cloud computing

introduces new security concerns as consumers’ (both organization and individual) data

stays under the control of third-party cloud provider.

Threats to Access Control: As the trust boundary expands beyond organization’s own control

(especially in public cloud), proper authentication and authorization management for

applications in cloud is very vital issue for security.

While discussing about security in cloud computing, one must keep two important and

distinguishing points in mind:

■ The cloud computing model itself has some unique security concerns associated with it

which surfaced due to sharing of infrastructure or multi-tenancy features.

■ When cloud is deployed outside the control boundary of consumer organization it brings new

set of security concerns. In this regard, public cloud is the most critical case to study.

So, when security of cloud is talked about, it mainly focuses on public cloud deployment which

covers all of cloud related security concerns. In the subsequent part, infrastructure security

concerns, information security means and access control mechanisms have been discussed.

Public cloud deployment is the most critical case study to understand security concerns of

cloud computing. It covers all possible security threats to the cloud.

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