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1. A good resume presented on resume paper

2. Good eye contact

3. Fully understanding the importance of applications and following the instructions 4.Asking well thought of questions

5. Proper hygiene, and being well groomed

6. Good closing statement… “Thank you for your time.” 7.Being appropriately dressed for an interview

8.Having a positive attitude, minding manners, being nice 9.If they have to wait, not being outdone; patience

10. Friendliness

11. Paying attention

12. 📷Listening to all the interviewer has to say and/or asks

13. Sticking to the main focus of the conversation; keeping in mind job-related statements unless the interviewer shifts the conversation to another subject

14. Bringing proper identification – social security card, birth certificate, drivers license, voter’s registration, “green card” etc.

15. Willingness to learn

16. Having an interest in what the company does

17. Having a pleasant attitude

18. Honesty and sincerity

19. Good work history; attendance

20. Good oral and written communication skills

21. Open for suggestions

22. Possessing basic reading /writing skills

23. Organizational skills

24. Smiling

25. Having specific goals

26. Preparation made for types of jobs sought; i.e. education, training

27. Some familiarity of local labor market

28. High school diploma or G.E.D.’s

29. Sense of humor

30. Determination and perseverance

31. Following directions

32. Knowing dates of employment

33. Knowing employer’s addresses, phone numbers, and who to contact of references are needed

34. Good references from former employers

35. Leaving children at home

36. Flexibility

37. Written thank you notes

38. Employer loyalty

39. Punctuality

40. People that know their talents and can be properly verbalize them.

41. Networking

42. Simple jewelry

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