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Application architecture should be well-suited to scale in a scalable architectural environment.

While cloud provides ideal environment for scaling, applications must also be designed

accordingly, having with scaling capability. Scalable computing system architecture lays the

foundation for application scalability but cannot alone ensure scalability of application if

the application is not suitably designed. On the other hand, a scalable application can only scale

diligently with the varying traffic load if the system on which it is running is scalable. Hence,

scaling of application depends on two layers which are, scalable application architecture and

scalable system architecture.

Cloud platforms provide rich auto-scaling capability to consumers. When used in

combination with cloud-native applications, this capability makes the system highly effective.

Sometimes, the enriched scaling characteristic of cloud computing may encourage lazy

application developers to avoid the critical process of application development following

scalable application architecture. But that can only result in low performance. Application’s

scalability depends on its design, the types of algorithms applied and on the data structures

used.  Scalability of application also depends on the database system architecture.Database  instances must be able to be expanded in distributed environment. Cloud native

database system has been discussed in Chapter 14 of this book.

It is not possible to take full advantage of the scalable computing infrastructure if the application

architecture is not scalable. Both have to work together to maximize the gain.

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