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Question 6: How does your previous experience relate to the jobs we have here?

This one requires a direct response. This question is saying, “Can you prove you have experience and skills to do the job?” In some cases, other people with better credentials than yours will want the job you are after. You should mention this, and then explain why you are a better choice.

Here is an example of how one person handled this situation:

“As you know, I have over five years experience in a variety of jobs. While this job is in a different industry, it requires my same skills in managing people and meeting the public. In fact, my daily contact with large numbers of people in previous jobs had taught me how to handle things under pressure. I feel very able to deal with pressure and to get the job done.”

This person had a job as a server. She had to learn to handle people under pressure in such a job. By presenting the skills she used, her answer tells us she could use the same skills in other jobs.

Be sure to mention any specific skills or training you have that will help you do the job. Include your greatest job-related strengths in your own answer to this question:

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