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The origin of the term ‘cloud computing’ dates back to the early 1990s. In those early daysof network design, network engineers used to draw network diagrams representing differentdevices and connections among them. In such diagrams, they used to represent outer networkarenas with cloud symbol since those details were not in their knowledge. This was known as‘network cloud’ or ‘cloud’ in the networking industry during that period, but today we do notmean ‘cloud computing’ in the same sense.With the beginning ofutility computing initiatives towards the end of the last century,major software firms focussed on deliver applications over the Internet. Email services gainedpace during this period as the vendors started to offer the facility to their users. And the mostremarkable initiative came fromSalesforce.com when they delivered business applicationfor enterprises over the Internet in 1999. But all of these efforts were seen as part of utilitycomputing facility development. Cloud computing did not emerge till then.The term ‘cloud computing’ appeared in the market with its present meaning in the year 2006.During the earlier years of the current century, few industry people involved in the developmentof utility computing facility started to call it as ‘cloud’. But it was not until 2006 that the term‘cloud computing’ emerged in the commercial arena with its present meaning. The term ‘cloudcomputing’ probably was first used in an official forum by the thenGoogle CEOEric Schmidtin 2006 during a conference. Widespread use of the term was also observed during that time as several companies like Amazon, Microsoft,IBM started to publicize their own cloud-computingefforts.Amazon launched its revolutionaryElastic Compute Cloud (EC2) services in 2006.The literal meaning of the word ‘cloud’ is fog, veil or blur. It means an obscure area, ora mass of similar particles such as dust or smoke. It is hard to say exactly on which contexttechnologists in those days started to call it cloud computing. But the reasoning that fits best is,‘a collection of computing resources and the detail of which remains hidden from users’

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