Introduction to Email Marketing

For hundreds of years, businesses have found ways of being able to advertise their company and products through many types of media. Advertising is a term used to describe the ways that an institution attempts to persuade people to buy a good or service that it offers. The institution can be anything from a non-profit organization that needs to raise funds to a business that sells grocery items. These institutions, whatever their ultimate goal is, use advertising as way to get themselves recognized and as a way to get people involved. These people they are advertising to are potential customers.

So how do businesses advertise? The short answer is that they do marketing campaigns, but there is so much more to it than that. There are many different marketing campaigns a business can perform, and how a business chooses the type of campaign it carries out is highly dependent on the era and media available in that period of history. If you flip through a magazine, you’re likely met with a load of advertisements covering parts of a page, or even an entire page. The same is true for the daily newspaper you might pick up on your way to work each morning. Even back in America’s colonial times, Ben Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette often had banners and headlines bought by businesses advertising themselves.

We continue to see this type of magazine/newspaper advertising to this day, but think about the other forms of advertising we encounter. More importantly, think of the media through which we are able to see these advertisements. When we watch television, the programs we watch are interrupted by commercial breaks for products, services, movie trailers and a great deal of other things. Films we see in the movie theater have previews for other movies, and there may even be product placement in the new summer blockbuster hit of the year. In the days when telephone land-lines were the norm, telemarketers would call to interrupt during dinner. Even our mailboxes get filled with advertisements from a vast array of businesses offering coupons on oil changes and discounts for a large pizza. These days, another type of mailbox is a key component to the types of marketing that businesses engage in:


Figure 1: The Email inbox

Unlike with direct mail to P.O boxes and mailboxes outside of homes and apartments, businesses do not have to waste million of pounds of paper to get their advertisements to potential customers. More importantly, with a much larger number of people having access to the Internet, businesses are able to reach out to a greater number of people using email marketing. Businesses know, too, that email has become one of the primary means of communication. Of course, any good marketing campaign utilizes more than one form of media to advertise.

With a much larger number of people having access to the Internet, businesses are able

to reach out to a greater number of people using email marketing.

The following ebook will focus exclusively on email marketing and the strategies used to implement it. First, we will cover some basics of email marketing and provide a broad overview of what to expect throughout the ebook.

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