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The term ‘InterCloud’ represents the idea of ‘cloud of clouds’. The term was introduced in 2007

to symbolize the data centers of future. The concept was emerged to counter the fact that no

cloud has infinite physical resources and when one saturates, requests may be sent to other

inter-related clouds for necessary support.

The concept is similar to the way how Internet works. Internet is built over the ‘network of

internetworks’ where traffic from one network/internetwork boundary travels outside its own

area to reach the destination. This is done by using appropriate networking protocol. In the same

fashion, ‘InterCloud’ concept states that clouds should interrelate through communication

protocol. The protocol implementation must include appropriate node discovery mechanism,

fault tolerance and authentication techniques.

InterCloud concept is also known as federated cloud or federation of clouds or cloud

federation. Such federations are only possible when clouds share similar architecture and

interfaces (APIs). A cloud federation is formed not to enable users to move their applications

form one cloud to another; rather it provides flexibility for moving workloads whenever it is


InterCloud is the idea of forming a ‘cloud of clouds’.

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