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Integrate Microsoft 365 with customer engagement apps

One of the key responsibilities of a Microsoft 365 Administrator is management of the company tenant. For example, when configuring its company's tenant, an administrator must acquire and assign other licenses such as Project Online, Visio, Scheduler, and Microsoft Stream. Other times, the administrator must purchase extra capabilities, such as Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium).

Integrating Microsoft 365 with customer engagement apps is a great way for an organization to enhance its customer relationship management with the power of cloud services:

  • Easier maintenance
  • Broader availability
  • Better coordination across multiple devices

The Purchase services page displays these add-on services. This page appears under the Billing group in the Microsoft 365 admin center's navigation pane. When you access the Purchase services page, Microsoft 365 displays both individual and full suite options. Some of the subscriptions provide a standard 30-day trial.

At the end of a service's 30-day trial subscription, the subscription expires, and you lose access to the features included in the service unless you purchase a subscription for the service. During the trial period, you can use all the features included in the service to evaluate their suitability for your organization's needs.


The Purchase services page in Microsoft 365 is a centralized location where organizations can purchase new products and add-on services for their Microsoft Entra tenant. Organizations can use this page for various reasons, including:

  • Purchase new products. Organizations can use the Purchase services page to buy new Microsoft 365 products for their employees. They can choose from various plans, such as Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, and Microsoft 365 Apps for Business.
  • Add-on services. The Purchase services page also allows organizations to add more services to their existing plans, such as Microsoft Teams, Power BI, and Project Online.
  • Manage licenses. Organizations can use the Purchase services page to manage their licenses. For example, they can add or remove licenses, change the number of licenses, and assign licenses to users.
  • View purchase history. The Purchase services page provides organizations with a view of their purchase history. For example, the date of purchase, the service purchased, and the amount paid.
  • Get recommendations. Microsoft also provides recommendations on the Purchase services page to help organizations select the best services for their needs.

The Purchase services page also enables an organization to compare product details for products that it's interested in. To do so, perform the following steps as shown in the screenshot:

  1. Select the Compare checkbox associated with each product you want to compare.
  2. Select the Compare button.


When you select products to compare on the Product services page, it displays the Product Comparison page. The Product comparison page shows a detailed comparison of the features and capabilities of the selected products. The Product comparison page displays the following information:

  • Product overview. This section provides a brief introduction to the selected products, including their target audience, key features, and benefits.
  • Features comparison. This section lists the features of each product side-by-side, making it easy to compare their capabilities. The screen groups features by category, such as productivity, security, and collaboration. Each feature displays a checkmark to indicate whether or not the product includes it.
  • Pricing comparison. This section displays the pricing information for each product, including the subscription plans available and the cost per user per month.
  • Technical specifications. This section provides technical details about the selected products, such as the supported platforms, system requirements, and integration capabilities.
  • Customer reviews. The product comparison page can also include customer reviews and ratings for each product, providing insights into the user experience and satisfaction levels.


Overall, the Product comparison page is a valuable resource for organizations looking to compare and evaluate different Microsoft 365 products and services. It enables organizations to make informed decisions about which products are best suited to their needs.

Assign services

The Purchase services page provides organizations with a convenient and streamlined way to manage their Microsoft 365 subscriptions and services. To assign these services, you can either:

  • Purchase the service add-on, then go to the User tab, locate the user, and then assign the license to the user’s account.

‎ or

  • Select the Assign to option once you claim the license and then add it to the user’s account.

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