Some people argue that some of the questions on topics in the previous section are illegal to ask.

Some of the questions, if they were asked as presented, would be in poor taste, but this is a free country and anyone can ask anything. It is what an interviewer does with the information that can be a problem. Hiring or not hiring people based on certain criteria is illegal.

As a job seeker, what is important is whether or not you want the job. You don’t have to answer any question if you don’t want to, but you should understand by now that the question was probably intended to find out if you will be a good employee. If you want the job, try to cooperate by answering the underlying question. If you don’t like the interviewer or the way he or she asked the question, you can always say so. Just don’t get defensive or

Fortunately, most employers are just like you. They will be sensitive to your feelings and will treat you as an adult. It is your responsibility to convince them you will be a good employee. Don ’t leave their impressions to chance. Tell them why they should hire YOU!

“Do You Have Any Questions?”

This is one of the last questions you will likely be asked. It is a signal that the interview is coming to a close, and is a test of whether you are seriously interested in the position.

You will do well by having one or two questions ready in mind. These questions should not be aggressive- don’t ask about salary and benefits (deal with these issues only after you are offered the job), but ask questions which show concern for the position and the company.

The following list may serve as guide, but you may have your own questions related to the position: “What do you consider the most important responsibility of this position?”

“Is there a training program?”

“Who would be my immediate supervisor?” “How would my performance be evaluated?” “What hours will I work if I am hired?”

“Will there be a chance to work overtime in this position?” “May I see the area where I would be working?”

“Who is your company’s biggest competitor?”

“If I am hired and perform well, what are the chances of promotion?” “Is this a newly created position?”

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