📷ou should know your overall main business driver – whether that is to increase sales, gain market share, or business expansion. By this

stage you should also know the difference between macro and micro conversions, and how the two are both important on their own, but at the same time intrinsically linked. One cannot exist without the other.

And then you have the overarching objective of what your business is trying to achieve in this world – your company mission.

But how do we link them all together?


Importantly, we cannot set up objectives quickly and continue on the assumption that they will be meaningful guides to action.

A hierarchical goal breakdown structure links your higher-level objectives to more detailed day-to-day goals.

When properly thought of, developed and applied, objectives can tell you in what direction all marketing and wider business activities should be moving. They can in equal part guide day-to-day activities and the personal development of individuals in an organisation; and direct better planning, in terms of what you should be doing, and how much.The Harvard Business Review provides a useful list of what objectives should be.

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