Getting Started

What type of Data Governance is right for your organization? How should you begin your efforts?

It’s tempting to start right in designing your Data Governance and Data Stewardship organizational bodies, assigning roles and responsibilities, and developing policy. And it’s true: this is important work.

But remember that such program design work is actually your fourth step of seven in implementing a Data Governance program.

Establishing your focus and value proposition should be your first priority. Be sure you understand how your efforts can contribute to your stakeholders’ need to increase revenue and value, manage cost and complexity, and ensure survival through attention to risk, compliance, and vulnerabilities.

Not sure? That’s understandable – as we said before, it’s hard to see the forest when you’re one of the trees! Consider asking someone else from within your organization (or from without) to help you understand your value statement and to develop a plan to clearly

and unambiguously communicate that value.

When you can clearly describe your organization’s data-related problems, how you’re going to address them, and how success can be measured, then you’ll be ready to reap the benefits of

📷a value-based Data Governance program.

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