Eucalyptus is an open-source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) facility for building privateor hybrid cloud computing environment. It is alinux-based development that enables cloudfeatures while having installed over distributed computing resources. The name ‘Eucalyptus’ isan acronym for ‘Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To UsefulSystems’. Eucalyptus started as a research project at theUniversity of California, United Statesand the company ‘Eucalyptus Systems’ was formed in the year of 2009 in order to support thecommercialization of the Eucalyptus cloud. In the same year, theUbuntu 9.04 distribution ofLinux OS was included Eucalyptus software into it.Eucalyptus Systems went into an agreement with Amazon during March 2012, whichallowed them to make it compatible with Amazon Cloud. This permits transferring of instancesbetween Eucalyptus private cloud and Amazon public cloud making them a combination forbuilding hybrid cloud environment. Such interoperable pairing allows application developersto maintain the private cloud part (deployed as Eucalyptus) as asandboxfor executingprominent codes. Eucalyptus also offers a storagecloud APIemulating as Amazon’s storageservice (Amazon S3) API

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