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Virtualization is an enthralling technology which has changed the world of computing systemdesign. But every technology has its own shortcomings and virtualization is no exception ofthis. Any weakness in virtualized system design especially in hypervisor may cause severethreat to the whole environment. All such concerns have been discussed further. However, thepositive effects of virtualization outweigh the negative ones by far.Single Point of Failure Problem:The major benefit of virtualization is resource sharing.Multiple virtual machines can run over one physical machine. But, this has a downside. Itincreases the probability of failure of a number of virtual servers in cases of failure of singlephysical machine. Although, this situation can be handled easily by keeping backup resourcesand porting those virtual servers on the backup set of physical resources. Porting is not adifficult task as virtualization decouples virtual systems from physical resources.Lower Performance Issue:There is a concern whether virtual environments have the capacityto accomplish the full performance of the actual physical system. It has been seen that virtualservers can achieve up to 85 percent to 90 percent of the performance of the actual physicalserver as VMs cannot get direct access to the hardware.Difficulty in Root Cause Analysis:With virtualization, a new layer of complexity is addedwhich can cause new problems. The main difficulty is that if something does not work as it issupposed to it may require considerable extra efforts to find the cause of the problem

The positive impulse of virtualization prevails over the negatives by far.

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