Docs Google Docs is a SaaS offering for managing documents. It comes under the collaborative application suit offered by Google which resembles traditional office suites and provides functionalities to create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations over the cloud using any web-browser. The features of Google’s collaborative suite are almost similar to those present in traditional Microsoft Office suite. Like other offering under this collaborative suite (namely Sheets, Forms, Slides), Google Docs is also free for anyone to use and allows multiple users to edit and update same document which is very useful feature in this age of global collaboration. Google Drive This is Google’s SaaS offerings for general users to store file. It is basically built for the users of ‘G Suite’ to enable them for storing data in cloud seamlessly. Users can access their stored data from anywhere and share it with other Google Drive users. It acts as the default storage for Gmail or Google Docs. It also provides easy and simple way of transferring data from user’s own computer to the cloud. Google Drive storage is for normal users and Google Cloud Storage is for the developers.

AWS, Azure and Google Cloud almost offer similar type of capabilities. But there are many

differentiating factors also. Table 20.6 represents a comparative review of these popular cloud

services on various aspects.


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