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Cluster and Grid Computing Revisited

All of three computing models cluster, grid, and cloud are distributed in nature and share similar characteristics. The study of the five essential characteristics of cloud computing cluster and grid architecture makes this new paradigm easier to compare with former computing models. Table 4.1 summarizes the whole thing. The first two criteria, resource pooling, and broad network access are characteristics of all of these three models. Although initially, cluster and grid systems were built to be accessed through a network within a relatively small area like an organization the cloud computing system was built with the motive to facilitate access through a public network, i.e., the Internet from its initial days. Cluster computing environment provides few basic metering functions that give some idea about resource usage patterns but the accurate measurement of the actual service usage is only possible in the grid and cloud computing models. The remaining two attributes rapid elasticity and on-demand self-service are not at all supported by cluster or grid models.


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