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A customer’s journey


A customer’s journey is the process buyers go through to become aware of, consider and evaluate, decide to purchase a new product or service and, finally, fall in love with the brand.

A typical customer’s journey consists of 4 stages:

⦁ Awareness: The customer is aware of a brand

⦁ Consideration: The customer considering a brand

⦁ Decision: The customer is making the decision to buy


 Loyalty: The customer sees the benefit and likes the brand

When creating content, it will benefit you greatly if you examine the above from the customer’s point of view. A customer-centric approach, like the one that can be found in the SEE - THINK- DO - CARE framework will transform the stages into the below:

⦁ Awareness: The customer is aware of his own problems

⦁ Consideration: The customer is considering various solutions to his problem

⦁ Decision - The customer considering the decision to buy a specific brand

⦁ Loyalty - The customer is reminded of your expertise and level of service and

becomes an advocate

Being aware of your customer’s buying journey will help you develop a solid framework that will help you tailor your content strategy to each step of the journey. Such an approach will ensure that the content you create “responds” to the intent the customer exhibits when going through each of the above stages. This will allow you to present the right piece of content to your audience at the right time.

Let’s go through each stage and see the type of content you need to develop for each

of them.



People at this stage -your target audience included- are realising that they have a problem and are seeking information on why this has happened, what caused it, and potentially how to find the solution to it.

Did you know that 70% of buyers turn to Google while in the research stage? When creating content for people at this stage of their journey, you need

to create content that is optimised for the search engines. Your content should answer questions people ask when searching because this will help you improve your rankings and thus, raise greater awareness. Once people are convinced to click and read your content, they should see you as an expert in the field and a reliable source of information. Your goal here is to create noticeable content. A noticeable content has the following characteristics:

⦁ breaks the surrounding pattern (surprises the viewer/reader)

⦁ is highly relevant to the viewer/reader (relates to their current situation)

⦁ is easy to digest (e.g. focus on picture/video, psychology of colours and shapes)

⦁ employes attention-grabbing words and visuals (e.g. nudity, food, uniqueness)

⦁ presents a reward to the viewer/reader (discount, % off, free)

Content types that are ideal for the awareness stage of the buying journey are:

⦁ Blog posts

⦁ Research studies and articles

⦁ eBooks

⦁ White papers

⦁ Educational content

⦁ Social media content

⦁ Videos

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