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Software Quality assurance

$68,99 per month

SUBSCRIPTION FOR 4 weeks, 2 days



Working in software quality assurance and testing involves meticulously examining software to ensure it meets the highest standards of functionality, performance, and reliability.

The Software Quality Assurance and Testing, prepares Graduates for dynamic careers in the development and maintenance of software with a focus on all types of organizations. This program is designed to provide students with essential skills that include testing paradigms, methodologies, security fundamentals and tools to support quality assurance in the lifecycle of software development.

In the program, students study a wide range of topics that ready them for testing software during the development cycle, collaboration with software developers, product engineers and support teams within an organization along with facilitating end-users.  Focusing on data governance and privacy and security in the development and testing of softwares, Core skills are taught to work in areas such as systems integration, interpreting performance test results, preparing technical reports and enabling automation for optimal efficiency. In the second year, students continue to grow in their development by honing core practical skills in preparation for the co-op work term.


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