Digital Health Transformation, Smart Ageing, and Managing Disability

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Program overview

Digital disruption is reshaping entire industries in today’s global economy. In this dynamic environment, organizations must be agile and innovate with emerging technologies to generate new value propositions and create sustainable growth. Leaders will need to build new perspectives and capabilities to navigate this changing digital landscape and ensure that their organizations remain competitive. For digital transformation to succeed, it must go beyond the technology function. As a part of the C-suite, you will play a central role in aligning your teams and internal systems while influencing stakeholders to embrace new initiatives.

Skill set 

Architechture types; Information systems; Security and privacy; Human-centered computing; Applied computing; Emerging technologies; Network protocols; Network algorithms; Data management systems; Information storage systems; Information retrieval; Information systems applications; system security; Network security; Software and application security; Data base and storage security; Human computer interaction; Ubiquitous and mobile computing; Life and medical sciences


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